Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho

Martha Bebo

Marta Bebo granddaughter Eka and her three sisters have restored traditional dambalhacho recipe in honor of their grandmother. The family business has been operating in Tianeti since 2017. In 2022, as a result of the increased demand for Dambalkhacho from Marta Bebo, the Dojurishvili family built an enterprise of modern type.

Dambalkhacho is a type of authentic aged cheese from Pshavi. It is made from curd mass mixed with salt and then goes through the process of growing in a clay pot for two and a half months. For its technology, Dambal cheese is similar to European aged cheeses, such as Camembert.

The geographical range of dambalkhacho production is quite narrow and is limited to the Tianeti municipality. Cow's milk from Tianeti has exactly the properties necessary to complete the process of growing raw cottage cheese without human intervention. Therefore, the company only takes milk from farmers of the Tianeti villages with whom it has long standing collaboration.

The HACCP standard is implemented in the enterprise.

Gourmands recommend a cold cut of dambalkhacho that is well combined with red dry wine and morning coffee. However, in Tianeti, dambalkhacho is served hot in a pan with clarified butter (Erbo). In this form, it resembles French fondue and is a pleasant dish with wine. In addition to its extraordinary taste, clarified butter (Erbo) gives it a golden color and looks great aesthetically.

The company offers visitors both gastronomic experience and participation in the production process.

Martha Bebo
Martha Bebo
Martha Bebo
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