About Us

"Dairy Georgia" is an Association with 18 years of history and it was established in 2006 to promote and develop the dairy sector.

Our goals and objectives since our establishment are:

  • Promotion of the development of dairy farming
  • Protection and lobbying of industry interests
  • Development and implementation of modern standards of milk and dairy products
  • Promotion of milk and milk products
  • Increasing the quantity and quality of milk produced in Georgia
  • Strengthening of professional education
  • Implementation of innovations and international best practices
  • Dissemination of knowledge, experience and standards of successful countries in the field of Dairy both among the members of the ADG and among other players in the dairy industry
  • Active participation in the preparation of all legislative and regulatory documents related to the dairy sector

Along with the above, one of the important activities of Association Dairy Georgia is cooperation with donor organizations to develop the sector. And the "Cheese Route" is the result of such cooperation with the USDA project SQIL.

Many people had the idea of creating a "Cheese Route".

We were among them, and the essence of our idea is the desire to improve the situation in the milk processing sector.

Our goal is to turn the "Cheese Route" into a digital guide for Georgian citizens and foreign tourists interested in gastronomy, on the one hand, and on the other hand, to enable cheese producers to diversify sales channels, increase product sales and get additional income with digital services (Google map, websites, applications, social networks).

About Us
About Us
About Us